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The school holidays can be a stressful time for parents and carers trying to keep their kids happily entertained. At Holiday Happenings, we help make that job a whole lot easier! 

In the lead up to every school holiday period, we publish a free kids activities booklet containing over 120 local programs, events and activities to help keep your kids busily active during the break. The booklet is always FREE and is your one stop resource to all the fun and entertaining activities in your local area.

Download our latest Booklet today and see what’s happening these school holidays.

   Spring Edition - October Holidays 2015

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Parent Testimonials

"My kids aren't very sporty but there is such a wide range of different activities in the booklet that they always find things to do. Thanks so much!"

-Tommy Chen

"Great booklet, and the best thing about it is that I get to sit down with my son and go through all the different activities to see what he wants to try next"  

- Bec Thomas

"I love it and so do the mum's we hang around. We really appreciate and value the book and look forward to reading what's coming up each term"

- Juliette Mayor